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My Own Fairytale

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Friends only post Jan. 1st, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Semi Friends only banner

This is my new banner for my LJ blog and as you can see, I drew a Leon Kennedy fanart~ 

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Biohazard series, so don't kill me please DX

Also, my fanfic goes to bloody_meer.


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Log 019 Nov. 8th, 2013 @ 08:59 pm
I don't understand the schedule of Shingeki no Kyojin manga, so whenever I see it updated, I'm kinda surprised XD However, this doodle is my first post for SnK~~ I'm curious now how Bertholdt feels about Annie during training days. But I'm more interested in Reiner's rumbling feelings.
Please smile Annie~

Log 018 Jun. 27th, 2013 @ 12:55 am
Ta-da~! My redraw of uke!Naruto complete!

Let's be gentle with sexy Naruto <3

This was originally drawn 2 years ago.

naruto_uke_by_hikyaawaii-d4jel56SHAME ON MY SHAMEFUL DRAWING!!!

I redraw this not only to compare my art style from old to new but for my love for uke!Naruto~ Though I drew some changes in this new fanart compared to the old one. AND I'M SORRY FOR NOT REDRAWING KAKANARU ANYMORE SINCE THIS PAIR DOESN'T REALLY INTEREST ME (I'd rather draw Kakashi-sensei x Obito <3 or Kakashi-sensei x Yamato-taicho <3 <3)

While my POV for KibaxNaruto seems impossible, though I'm wishing KIBA WOULD REALIZE HOW HE REALLY LOVES LIKES NARUTO. And among the pairings I drew, I enjoyed drawing KibaxNaruto the most!

I also made a change on Minato since it's happier if he was forced to accepts his son's uke-ness.

You can say they are my top 5 yaoi favorite pairings in Naruto universe, but if I put them in order, this will be the result (NO BASHING PLEASE):

1. SasuNaru - Even though I hate Sasuke, SasuNaru's love-hate relationship strikes me the most to the point I roll on my bed and shouting "KYAAAAA~~~~!!!"

2. SaiNaru - I told you that I like love-hate relationship, but this-! Whenever I see Sai lonely as Team 7 reunites my imagination runs like Sai has unrequited love for Naruto (especially in the recent chapters) and it makes my heart cries TT____TT

3. KibaNaru - KIBA IS SO CUUUTE WHEN HE BLUSH. AND I WANT TO SEE HIM BLUSH SOMEDAY IN FRONT OF NARUTO~~ (I watched a Naruto Shippuden filler episode one time entitled "Kiba's Determination." [SPOILER] Kiba blushed in embarassment when he declared he wanted to be (not directly) like Naruto someday. And I thought he's really cute there~)

4. GaaraNaru - Ever since I started watching Naruto, I really love them together. The strong heartbreaking back stories of their childhood have drawn me, and to think that they've become friends after their rivalry issues, my liking for Gaara's character grew. I also love badass abandoned children but cool in their own ways. AND I ALSO LOVE THE EPISODE WHERE GAARA AND NARUTO KNOCKED EACH OTHER'S HEAD DURING THE WAR BETWEEN KONOHAGAKURE AND SUNAGAKURE.

5. ShikaNaru - Those times when Naruto was lonely in their childhood days, I know he wants to befriends Naruto but just too lazy lol. Although I like ShikaCho more than them. And it's really hard to explain why I really like ShikaNaru, but I know I like them.

So much yaoi tales for that, I also drew a solo fanart of Kushina for the first time!

Mint for Kushina~

Okay, I don't understand why I named this fanart that. I think when I was drawing her, I was just craving for some mint chocolates (other than ramen.) I also wanted to insert Minato somewhere here but...my head's too drained to think anymore. And by the way "hello" is my favorite word so HELLO~!!!

And finally, for our forever cute legendary father~

Minato: *winks* Hey sexy lady!
Kushina: ...

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Log 017 Apr. 18th, 2013 @ 03:48 am

The next fanarts I'll be posting will be piles of old stuff stuck in my hard drive (since I've got lots of boring time after graduation~) And maybe if I have the energy, I'll post an old OkiKagu mini dojinshi, based on one of my fanfics. For the meantime, this crappy fanart will tell you how ridiculous my mind was when I got hooked on OkiKagu two years ago, thinking what if Sougo daydreams of boobsie!Kagura. I promised myself not to post any fanarts rated R or higher, so I concealed my Sougo's pervy imagination.


The second film for Gintama is coming and my friends and I are preparing for joui cosplay~


Bunta's birthday is coming, perhaps I should write a decent fanfic for him?

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Log 016 Mar. 17th, 2013 @ 04:42 pm

Thou art I... I am though...
Other entries
» Log 015
I bring you a NaruHina mini doujinshi~~ ( I apologize to the low quality on how this mini douijnshi was made. I know the art itself sucks and it looks even more horrible with binary tool)
You are welcome to imagine any self-interpretations regarding this mini doujinshi. Since it doesn't really have a specific story. AND WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH THAT NARUTO AT THE LAST PANELS? YOU PERVERT!

I drew this a long time ago, and when I saw [BEWARE OF MANGA SPOILER] Naruto and Hinata holding each other's hands [in the midst of fighting Obito and Madara,] I was like, "ONE OF MY DREAMS IS FULFILLED!"

And because I really love Naruto, I don't want him to look pathetic when facing his lovely Sasugay. I wonder, what if Naruto's patience from chasing Sasuke would nearly reach its limit...

...but then, there is still a heart between them XD

» Log 014
I love Rikuo now (and of course Nurarihyon when he was young), and this month my favorite manga is Nurarihyon no Mago! So I present a black and white and colored of the same fanart. I don't know which is better, so I posted both :>


» Log 013
I was so happy that Kintama was back and before I going back to school (after sembreak) I re-watched the past episodes of the anime (because I was a bit disappointed when I found out the released episode on online streams last November 1 was a re-release!) and I havent' checked yet if there was new episode >___>

So I drew Kagura before before the end of October...

Kagura is now my favorite heroine... for Sougo <3

...and started the month of November with another Kagura~

I know this is so late but greetings from Kagura!

» Log 012
It was Biohazard: Damnation which became the path to delve in the BH fandom, mainly because of Leon~

Honestly, I hate those living deads and I didn't even know what the whole Biohazard story but just relied on my cousin's tales about BH2 reports and BH4 when I was a child (some BH3 but I didn't care about Jill and the story, nonetheless I hope I could watch the cutscenes available on Youtube someday when I have freetime!) 

I admit the Biohazard 4 version of Leon was cool! But my love for him didn't grow that much (>___<) Then the first weeks of October I saw Biohazard: Damnation and I said, "Oh my god! Is that Leon?! He looks a lot cooler when he grows old!" Even my classmate likes Leonso much, and we fangirl in the library with my laptop!

So that's how I discovered my love for Leon~~
I must be starting to hate myself for ignoring him in BH4!

Chibi Leon is chibi.

And I even changed my (supposed) "lifelong" Gintama banner into Leon banner!

"Follow me Ashley-brat!"

After that Damnation fangirling, I started watching the cutscenes of Biohazard 6 (oh shit! Why is Jake Muller so cool and handsome!? I hope he'll take over the next Biohazard as the protagonist!), then Biohazard 5 (there are rumors of Chris' coolness in this game, but I ended up falling on Wesker's powers!), then Biohazard 1 (again, it was ambitious Wesker who made me attracted to the game's story!)

Then I read the chronological history of Biohazard (and some fanarts and fanfics), and that made me realize, it was ALBERT WESKER whom I like the most!!!

New canvas
I love Wesker's snob~

I thought I'd like Chris' character, but Wesker always comes in the way to steal a fangirl's heart!

Someday I would like to see, Wesker bathing on maple syrup (I don't know why ;o; I'm so pervert!!!), but for the meantime, leat's eat Wesker's cuteness in this waffle!
Wesker waffle time! 

» Poems from the Soul Project
My one unforgettable adventure I had in my entire life was going to Baguio and wrote poems (though I'm not really good at it) and did a performance art in front of great artists. The first three poems I wrote are about dreaming, and the last two are my experiences during my high school days. Though my professor said I was "synaesthetic" but I had problems with my inner voice.

Dream road: The Woodcutter

The glass road is illuminated

with the spectrum of evening lights,

it leads to a pond on a land of short grass.

A lone cottage.

I saw you.

(Hair like hanging veins on a tree

moving from the wind’s whisper.)

You looked at me.

(Sitting on a bed of grass—freedom.)

You smiled.

(That distant greeting will never reach me.)

Just a single smile,

(No it won’t for a stranger.)

 Then you walked away

(Step by step, throb by throb,

Thrusting my heart with needles one by one.)

The crickets were laughing in monotone.

I was then alone, again.

The scent of leafy dew on the ground stung me,

As if little bugs were ascending,

entangling to my nostrils.

You were there again, enjoying your freedom.

Sliding your hand into shivers of ice water.

The woodcutter came,

He stood by your side with an axe in his hand.

The blade of death sliced through your flesh

like a butchered lumber.

Red velvet of rubies spilled between you bosom.

Oozing, spreading in the air into red smoke.

I screamed.

But my voice was caged in bubbles, blown away, popped.

Unheard. Vanished forever.


Your body became a part of the pond.

Drowning. Deep. Deeper.

Dream road: trauma

We were walking together on white lines.

Like a tightrope at our feet.

Our stretching arms grew wings.

Together we’ll both fly at the end of the lines.

I pushed you towards the quicksand.

twirling, seeping. Broken wings.

I was left alone watching you.

Only watching our friendship. Hopeless breaths.

That childhood yesterday of lovely innocence.

Broken. Forever.

Dream road: a spoon of cold air in terrace

Coffee beans were grinded around his skin. He was sipping a mug of coffee on the terrace, veins were crawling on the guardrails like a disease on his feet, going up, devouring the flesh of his strength. “He’s so innocent”, I thought. The low air was heavily passing through him. Morning was too cold. His body was too cold.

Shiver. Sip. Warmth. Warmth as his blood ran across his mouth. He collapsed, just as the fragile mug on the ground, into pieces. You were a mug of yesterday. A dream. Dream in grandfather’s mug that I held.


I was sitting on an armchair

buried my face in my arms

when you passed the corridors.

A hiding glance watching your back.

You seemed like standing beside

the mandarin tree.

The windows were my television,

a wall to send you my

rumbling feelings.

My bangs were the curtain

to hide my shameful face,

Avoiding your unexpected

look at my direction.

Through those secret glances

were secret kisses

of unconscious fantasies.

Until it ends

with the ring of school bell.

Empty box 

An empty box

Is a separation between




It fell from the infinite sky

with nothing in it.

Not even the traces

of your scent.

I can’t call that thing

a “balik-bayan box”

because even when you return

it seemed like you don’t exist anymore

in my world at least.

An empty box

is packaged with an empty air.

Air that blows you away.

Air that makes my feeling numb

and number.

Until that daughter’s love for her daddy

is forever kept

in that empty box.
Copyright © 2012 Den Owen L. Cacho. All rights reserved.

I hope I can develop my writing issues and my inner voice. And I'm not really into poetry but still I wanted to explore to what genre I belong.

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